What is CMR Insurance?

CMR is an agreement between the shipper and the haulier (transporter) for the carriage of goods between the origin and destination. According to the CMR Convention, the transported goods are insured at a pre-set value (SDR)/per Kilogram, during transportation against any hazards to goods such as damage water soakage, loss etc. .CMR is necessary for legal transportation of goods by road within Europe, between countries who have signed the agreement. Turkey has joined the CMR convention in 1995.

CMR ensures that the goods carried are in compliance with the CMR Convention Regulations, – “'Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road”, in full – meanwhile holds the carrier liable from the moment of pick up until delivery at destination for the per KG value set as SDR. (Special Drawing Right.), shown under CMR Insurance coverage.

Scope of CMR Insurance?

In case of any hazard to goods during transportation, CMR Insurance covers the haulier for a compensation of maximum 8,33 SDR value for each 1 Kg of the Cargo concerned. SDR in an international currency unit. 8,33 SDR is approximately equal to: 9,9 Euros. Whereas the actual value of Cargo might be much higher.

In the case of actual value being higher than this amount, we strongly suggest to buy additional insurance policy covering total actual value of your goods.

For aditional Insurance offer, you can contact sigorta@enco.com.tr