AEO (Authorized Economic Operator)

Certificate of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), which is provided to companies with transparent, traceable, strong financial structure and security measures in Turkey through the Department of Trade Facilitation affiliated to the Ministry of Commerce of the Republic of Turkey, which is known as Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) in worldwide,  is a document that facilitates foreign trade provided to companies with transparent, traceable, strong financial structure and security measures. Companies with this document can provide faster, less costly and priority services.

Advantages of Authorized Economic Operator

Dijital Beyan


Companies with YYS can make a digital declaration to the customs office after passing the original invoice, ATR, certificate of origin, freight receipt and similar documents through the border crossing. In this way, there is no need for the goods to wait at customs for the original document to arrive. Both the process accelerates and the cost decreases.

İhracat ve İthalatta Yeşil Hat


Companies with YYS can benefit from the green line application. With the green line application, the loads can continue their way without being controlled by the customs office. In this way, time losses at customs are prevented.

In case the loads are subjected to declaration document control or inspection, the firms with YYS have the right of priority control and inspection.



Goods carried by companies with Authorized Economic Operator have the possibility to be inspected on the vehicle. In this way, the cost of unloading and reloading the goods to the warehouse, the damages that may occur during unloading and loading and the loss of time are prevented.


Manufacturers holding Authorized Economic Operator  can carry out their operations in their own facilities without submitting their loads to the customs directorate. They can also shorten their processes and reduce their costs by continuing their foreign trade activities with logistics companies holding Authorized Economic Operator.



In addition to the above benefits, YYS brings many other advantages such as partial guarantee, being able to issue A.TR Movement Certificate, being able to issue EUR.MED invoice declaration, being able to make the documents required for customs digitally, and discount in customs consultancy service fees. For more detailed information about the advantages of YYS, You can visit the T.R Ministry of Commerce website.

Logistics companies with Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) or Authorized Economic Operator Certificate (YYYS), which is used in our country, can carry out import and export flights without losing time in the queues at the ports of entry by quickly completing their customs related transactions. In this way, they can provide fast, reliable and less costly services to their customers.

We, as Enco, with our Authorized Economic Operator Certificate Authorized Sender and Authorized Receiver documents, we carry out logistics processes in a fast, low cost and sustainable way by facilitating the customs procedures of our customers and allowing them to wait less at the border crossings. We support their competitiveness in the global market by supporting supply chain management in foreign trade processes.

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