News from ENCO

17 April 2021

ENCO Took Its place in the April Issue of UTA Logistics

ENCO took its place in the issue of UTA Logistics magazine specially prepared for the fair of “TRANSPORT LOGISTIC MUNICH”. The magazine, distributed to fair participants, and Transport Logistic Munich, the world’s largest logistics fair, is held online on May 4-6 this year. Being a firm that sets out with German partnership and specializes in European and especially Germany road transport, we have taken our place in this issue.

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9 April 2021

We Evaluated The Abolition of VAT Refund on Fuel Purchases in Austria

We evaluated the abolition of VAT refund on fuel purchases in Austria, holding an important place for Turkish logisticians, in the new issue of magazine of UTIKAD (ASSOCIATION OF INTERNATIONAL FORWARDING AND LOGISTICS SERVICE PROVIDERS) which is one of the prestigious associations of Turkey in the field of logistics.

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6 April 2021

A Cooperation between ENCO and TEMA Has Been Established!

We are ready to do our part in sustainability and climate crisis issues. We are developing new projects to lower our carbon footprint and leave a livable world for future generations. We have initiated a joint work with TEMA (The Turkish Foundation for Combating Erosion Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats), one of the biggest foundations in Turkey, in order to raise awareness about the environment in our employees and all logistics firms. As a first step, we have started to donate saplings to TEMA Foundation on behalf of our employees on their birthdays.

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