Project Transportation

Project Logistics includes logistics activities that cannot be transported by standard vehicles, but are carried out with vehicles specially designed and manufactured for this purpose. Materials with excessive weight or dimensions that do not fit into standard vehicles, and with “out of gauge” dimensions are transported within the scope of project logistics. Logistics vehicles are specially designed for each project according to the type, size, weight and start-end locations of the load.

Special equipment is needed in project transportation and the risk ratio is high. We, as Enco, evaluate and handle each project in its own way with the principle of customer satisfaction. We calculate possible risks and problems that may be encountered with our expert staff and carry out our processes with a proactive approach. We serve our customers with our industrial facility investments at every point between Europe and Asia. We are at your side with our wide portfolio spread to all industries, especially construction, mining and agriculture industries, and with our service in accordance with world standards.


One of our project transportation activities we realize as Enco is the logistics of quarry digging-stone crushing machine. Two quarry digging-stone crushing machines, each weighing 30 tons, loaded on special vehicles from the Austrian city of Steyr, were transported by road to the mine in the town of Kuluncak in Malatya province. Realized through the expertise of Enco, this project was completed in 10 days without any problems with “Low Bed” heavy load vehicles.